12. Japan in the future and " Black Steamships "

Japanese version is here.

1. " Recently Japan is a little strange. "

In essence
   Japanese have very good qualities. They are intelligent, clean, diligent, mild, active and so forth. They have
  imported culture and ideas from foreign countries and have adopted them to Japanese society wisely. A good
  example of it is the prosperity of Japan after World War II. They made one of the most peaceful, loving countries
  in the world.  But, whenever any good thing continues for a long time, it might tear at the seams and might
  sometimes become rotten. I think a little strange Japan are caused mainly out of this reason; the long time
   prosperity of Japan.
2. " Kuro-Fune";" Black Steam-ships"

Coming of " Black Steam-ships " will make the Japanese awake again, I think. At the end of Edo-Shogunate,about in 1850, some "Black
Steam-ships" came to Japan from a few foreign countries and they caused much confusion in Japan. But after that the Japanese awoke
from their long dreams and built a new modern country.
Described in April 1997