杉田 荘治・ Shoji SUGITA

 I will show you some Japanese proverbs.  Fill in the blanks with the same proverbs in
 your countries.

 一年 の 計 は 元旦 に あり。

 ( Ichinen no Kei wa Gantan ni ari )
 ( New Year's resolution)
the key gauge of year
 Hints: 一年 ( a year ), 計 ( Plannig, Plan,
 Schedule ),   元旦 ( New Year )
 あり、ある ( be )
 1.  雨 降って、地 固まる。
  (あめ ふって、じ かたまる)
  (Ame  futte  Ji katamaru)
 (                          )
  雨 (Rain), 降って (fall, fell),
地(Ground, Earth), 固まる (harden, firm)
 2.  案ずる より 生む が 易し
( あんずる より うむ が やすし )
 (anzuru  yori umu ga  yasui)
(                           )
 案ずる (be anxious about , suffer,
 consider), より (than). 生む (do, be
 born, make),  易い (easy, easier)
 3.  石 の 上 にも 三年。
 (いし の うえ にも さんねん )
 (Ish no  ue nimo sannen )
 (                          )
  石 ( rock, stone ), 上 (on), にも
 (even),  三年 (three years)
 4.  石橋 を 叩いて 渡る。
 (いしばし を たたいて わたる )
 (Ishi-bashi o tataite wataru )
 (                          )
 石橋 (Stone bridge),  叩いて
  (nocking, hitting), 渡る (pass over)
 5.  医者 の 不養生。
 (いしゃ の ふようじょう )
 (Isha  no fuyojyo  )
(                           )
 医者 (Medical doctor),  不養生
   (careless,  unhealthy)

 6.  衣食 足って 礼節 を 知る。
 (いしょく たって れいせつ を しる )
 (Ishoku  tatte reisetsu o shiru )
 (                         )
  衣食 ( Food & cloth , living ). 足って
 (full,  enough to),  礼節 ( Good
  manners, Courtesy)
  知る (see, know, can do)
 7 井戸 の 中 の  蛙  大海 を 知らず。
(いど の なか の かえる たいかい を 
 しらず )
 (Ido no naka no kaeru taikai o 
 shirazu )
(                           )
 井戸 ( Well ), 中 ( in ), 大海 (Ocean,
  huge sea), 蛙 (Frog), 知らず (don't
  know)  知る (know, see, understad)
 8  烏合 の 集。
 (うごう の しゅう )
 (Ugo  no  shu )
(                           )
 烏、からす (Crow), 合、あわせる
 (jointed together), 集 (grouping,
  crowds, in the crowds of flock)

 9 うそ も 方便。
  (うそ も  ほうべん )
  (Uso  mo  Hoben )
 (                          )
 うそ (lie, untruth), も (sometimes),
 方便 (technique, means, temporary
 10 雲泥  の  差。
 (うんでい の  さ )
 (Undei   no  Sa )
(                           )
 雲・くも (Clouds), 泥、どろ (Mud)
  差 (Difference, much different from)

 11 老いては 子 に 従え。
 (おいては こ  に したがえ )
 (Oitewa  ko  ni shitagae )
(                           )
 老いては (be old), 子 (Children)
 従う (follow, obedient) え (oder, had
  better )
 12 鬼 に 金棒。
 (おに に かなぼう )
 (Oni  ni  Kanabo )
(                           )
 鬼 (Demon, Ogre), 金・かね (Steel,
   Iron ), 棒 (Stick, Pole, Rod)
 13 苦しい 時 の 神 だのみ。
 (くるしい とき の かみ だのみ )
 (Kurrshi toki no Kami danomi )
(                           )
 苦しい (hard, painful, bitter), 時
  (when, at that time), 神 (God),
  だのみ・たのみ (beg, as a favor of)

 14 可愛い 子 には 旅 を させよ。
 (かわいい こ には たび を させよ )
 (Kawaii  Ko niwa Tabi  o saseyo )
(                           )
 可愛い (lovely, dearing),
 子 (Childre) 旅 (Trip, Travel),
 させよ (orde, let ~ do)

          解答例 in English

 1. 雨 降って、地 固まる。 
  Every cloud has a silver lining. Tomorrow is another day. 
  The worse luck now, the better another time.  We've been
  through a rough patch, but I hope it will have made us stronger,
  It's been rough going, but I hope we'll be the stronger for it.
  2. 案ずるより産むが易し
   I'd stop worrying about it and take some action.
  The anxiety that comes from doing nothing is worse than any danger
 you might face.
   You should stop worrying about it and get to work.
  Fear is often worse than the danger itself.
  Fear is often worse than the danger itself.
  The anxiety that comes from doing nothing ...
 3. 石 の上 にも 三年
  Many a little makes mickle. Little by little and bit
  by bit.  Little and often fills the purse. Rome was not
  built in a day.
  Be patient and persistent. These things take time.  
  Be patient. It takes time to accomplish something worthwhi

4, 石橋をたたいて渡る 
  He does everything so cautiously it's like he's walking on eggshells all the time.

5. 医者 の 不養生
 Practice what you preach.   Don't judge a man until you'v walked in his boots.

6, 衣食足りて礼節を知る。
  A man will know manners after he can afford clothes and food.

7 井戸 の 中の 蛙 大海 を知らず
  Boys, be ambitious !        He that stayed in the valley, shall never get over the hill.
  You're like a babe in the woods.     How can you be so unaware of what it's
  like out there?

  You're like a frog at the bottom of a well, talking about the ocean.

8 烏合の衆 
  This is a big bunch, but all they are is a noisy mob.

9 うそ も 方便      
  The end justifies the means.        Might is right.
  There are times when a lie is the best you can do.

10  雲泥の差
  His last statement was a far cry from his first story.   
  The song they played was a cry from what I call music.   
  What you did was a far cry from what you said you were going to do.

11 老いては子にしたがえ。
  With age, you must follow your children.

12 鬼に金棒
  With her support, they can't lose.   If you join forces, our success is a sure thing.

13 苦しい 時 の 神 だのみ。
  Danger past, God forgotten.        Vows made in storms are forgotten in a calm.

14 可愛い 子 には 旅 を させよ。
  Spare the rod and spoil the child.             Train up a child in the way he should go.