11. Examination for service of teachers' in Japan

Japanese version is available

Generally speaking in Japan, they have the first examination for service of teachers' annually in June or in July at each prefectural board of education, and at the second they have final examination for the candidates who were successful in the first ones in September or in

Most of these candidates of fresh teachers are the undergraduate universities students and some others are the post-graduates. They have to get good points on their special subjects, basic method of teaching, some knowledge of pedagogics and basic law of education at the examinations. Of course, they are not so high, but basic ones.

Now, I will show some typical questions of the law of education for the candidates. And the typical formats of the examination are usually to let them to fill the blanks with suitable words, so as the samples I will make some blanks in Japanese versions of this article, but in this
English version I will describe the correct words in the blanks to help non-Japanese understand the outline of the examination more