Atami City here & there   

Yoshitada FUJINO           Japanese version, here        

1.The view
Atami City Song written by Shoyo Tsubouchi who was living from 1920 ot 1935 in Atami City and
died at the age of 76 described, "Atami doesn't know cold winter, but only enjoys like weather of a
mild spring throughout the year."
In this way, people are familiar with our Atami City as a warmminded honymoon place in Japan.
Low Manazuru Peninsula stretches to the east and it looks like to hold Atami Bay and Amishiro
Area on the west side and Hatsuhima Island are foating like a dimple in the Bay.
A long time ago, Sanetomo Minamoto: the 3rd Shogun of Kamakura Shogunate, wrote the song
that stated ," When I reached hardly summit of Hakone, I saw a small island rippled by the wave
in the offshore." I don't know whether the sea looked at by him was somewhat rough in reality or
he only imaged the sea somewhat rough in his mind.
The urban area of Atami City can be looked down at from the plateau of altitude 120 degree,
where are Atami Castle and all the city looked like a miniature garden.
And there is a coastline where are " Omiya no Matsu", sandbeach, Moon Terrace and some
moden parks of European style and we can see a lot of yachts moored in the seaside, too.

Ships are going out of Atami Port leaving their wakes and carrying a lot of dreams in the bay, and
behind the City there are some slopes of mountain ranges and many hotels are standing looking
like match boxes.
The view from Nishikigaura to distant Oushima and close Hatsuhima is suely a natural gift for the
people and jointed together with the irradiative cliff backgroung, people usually say the scenary is
" Naples in Orient." It might not have the scales, zesty and historical sites as Naples, but the
night view of it is certainly worthly of " A hundred thousand dollars" at the least.
Atami Plum Orchard in Japanese style is widely known for the plum trees and the autumn tints
and MOA Art Museum is always crowded with visitors from the distant places.
And chaise bused are running lightly on the narrow slope ways look like rabits, so these are called
the Delivering services of sightseeing.
I think we have to be patient about not riding bicycle easily and only a few grounds of gate-ball in
the city, but I will hope to get more atmosphere of culture and arts and these facilities, and wish
the prices of commodities are the same as in neighbouring cities and towns.
And I think it is very important for our citizens to promote fresh and clean environment as a
city of sightseeing. So, we have to cooperate with the staff of city office to let the planning of the
city go on the results of services and have to be more cooperate with each other in a small
district of the city.

However, I feel regret that I have occasionaly seen in different behavior about it among the citizens.
We would like to make our city more advanced, lovely and like to treat the visitors with warmhearted
3.Koa Goddess of Mercy
There is big Koa Goddess of Mercy in the hillside of the east part of Izu Narusawa and it was built
by Iwane Matsui and some other powerfu persons in 1940. Iwane Matsui was the Commander of
the Dispatched Troop to MIddle China and demobilized to Japan in 1938.

In the Goddess, there are a lot of big and small statues and the soil blooded with dead Japanese
soldiers ,Chinese soldiers and nameless Nanking citizens at the Nanking attack by the Japanese
Military Forces.
The Goddess herself is three meter high and is standing in the direction to Naking City joing her
hands in prayer with General Matsui's wish to pray, and another small goddess of mercy of 60 cm
heigh is enshrined in a small temple where a determined nurse by herself are memorial.

It is said that there were some cruel activities by Japanese soldiers in Nanking City at that time,
and except it, for instance, at the Vietnam War, the United States Military slaughted the citizens,
I heard. Like these, at any war in the world, people usually lose their rightfull judgement and
become like demons.
General Matsui was exucuted in December 1948 as A class war criminal. We have to swear not
to fight any more, however, I think the dispute of " Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier " of Japan is a very
difficult for Japanese in the future, too.
   Described in March, 2001