Meaning of Life

     Yoshitada FUJINO... Japanese version is here.
How to live is each externals of everybody and is not the same as each other.
There is an affluent person, a person who does not save, and some are strong and som others are
not. These factors might be the inherent ones and might be the acquired ones.
And somewhere are tender, merciful characters and somewhere unique ideas. As a result, how
to live is done in each standpoint.
I think that a person can do his / her life in the age thickly or thinly, complexly and by intersecting
each other. For that there are the strong and the weak in real society.
Mr. Yukichi Fukuzawa described that heaven does not make a person on the persons, and
neither make him or her under the persons
in his book " Encouraging of Study ", and the meaning
of it comes from a standpoint of a man esteemed with the value of equality.
Like this, equality, freedom and peace are our strong wishes. However in real society these wishes
might be going away and the principle of the survival of the fittest and the difference would be
stronger and stronger at all.
So, it seems to be suitable for me that the heaven makes a person on the persons and makes
him or her under the persons. And as for such a phenomenon, it would not come from the will
of the heaven, but would come from the traditions and the customs.
However, if standing on an internal, sympathized idea and view, a different evaluation could be
done. Sometimes a person who seems happily has serious worry, and a person of power might
be solitary and might be lonely, and sometimes a person looked like not to be given is abundant.
And it will be well known that the person who seems to be affluent is a stingy, poor-minded one.
Furthermore, there would be much different value of life because of his or her morality, education,
cultivation and religious belief.
All things in the world are acceptable as they are as the will of heaven, whenever we become
in the frame of mind not rooted out of anything.
We will encounter a lot of hardness and grieves such as rich honor of the society, pleasure, a relieved
departure, fight and so forth as long as we are alive, but these would be short-lived activities and
happenings like the bubble which float on the flow for a certain period of time, and we might always
go this way and that fascinated them.
Clouds float in the air and water flows in the river. Like this, all things will change continually as the
flow of eternity. Don't worry about Tomorrow. We would like to be calm and composed as the state
as it is.
A lot of mistakes are noticed when I look back to my past life at the old age now, and sometimes
I am regreted. I might have sometimes overlooked the status and distress of some other persons,
and sometimes might be indifferent or be heartless to them for my busy life.
Now, it is impossible for me to cancel them and some other persons might be damaged
and be driven into the pool of disappointment at times occasionally. 
As you know, a slight behavior might be a bad morale for other person and might become an
impression not to be forgotten by him or by her.
However, the ill feeling of the mind is softly untied with the flow of time, and the attention of love and
hate will be weakened.
      Time will solute, and spring is waited for. ............ Kyoshi TAKAHAMA.
I think that life would somewhat become happy, it is afloat on the wave of the ocean, and does the
way of life with gentleness and sympathy by which whereabouts is not decided.
I would like to forget worldly desires in thin feelings of sticking and woud like to reach the stage of
( Note) Mr. Yoshitada FUJINO is a graduate of the Hiroshima Higher Teacher's School, and after
    naval service, he became a senior high school teacher in Aichi Pref. and had held posts
    successively fo the head teacher of Kochino Seniro High School and the principal of Nagoya
    Blind School, and retired in 1981. Lives in Izusan, Atami City now.