Suggestion 1 -- Guideline on "Using reasonable force"
          by teachers and principals in Japan

Shoji Sugita
Unfortunately there is not a guideline on corporal punishment by teachers and principals except the old
one in Japan, so sometimes some dangerous inccidents about corporal punishment happen in some
schools, and on the other hand there would be some "Class Collapses" in some schools. Teachers
and principals sometimes might hesitate to administer suitable punishment to bad students.
So, I will suggest to the school board to make a guideline on corporal punishment by teachers and principals,
and here at first I will suggest to make a guideline on "Using reasonable force" to the studens by teachers
and principals in Japan. In the U. S. such guideline is very common ( after, described ).
In Japan people might misunderstand it to be illegal action, so there are not any guidelines for it.
It is not illegal at all, but is authorized action by teachers and principals, so at first they should recognize
it to be legal. I think basically it does not need a guideline, for a very bad circumstance might happen
suddenly and teachers and principals have to deal with them quickly.
However in Japan now, I think a guideline of it will be useful to help them not to be too angry or not to use
unreasonable forces to students, and also they would have self-control and confidences in students
disciplinary measures, too.
1. Sample of Guideline on "Using reasonable force"
( 1 ) Purpose : Teachers and principals shall use reasonable force under the following circumstances:
  ● To quell a disturbance, and to restore order.
  ● To obtain possession of weapons or other dangerous objects.
  ● For the popose of self-defense.
  ● For the protection of persons or property.
( 2 ) Factors
 ● The school has to provide the policy for the use of reasonable restraints of force.( Required )
 ● The student must be told the reason reasonabe force is to be administered. ( Requied )
 ● Attitude and past behavior of the student. ( Considerable )
 ● Nature and severity of the force.( Considerable )
 ● Age and strength of the student. ( Required )
 ● Availability of less severe but equally effective means of dealing with the situation.( Considerable )
 ● Another adult should be present. ( Consierable )
 ● Records should be collected and race and gender and disability should be part of these records.
  ( Required )
 ● The parent will be given an opportunity to confer with the student, the teacher, and the administrators
  involved in the incident to discuss the situations. ( Considerable )
( 3 ) As the result
  As the result, no teacher and principal shall be held liable to have been suffered by the student as the
  result of the taking of action to maitain control and discipline of the student.
2. A sample in the U. S......... Pa. Code Section 12.5
In situation where a parent or school board prohibits corporal punishment, reasonable force may still be used
by teachers and school authorities under the following circumstances;
( 1 ) To quell a distubance.
( 2 ) To obtain possession of weapons or other dangerous objects.
( 3 ) For the purpose of self-defence.
( 4 ) For the protection of person or property.
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