71. Average Salaries of Public School Teachers in Japan 

Shoji Sugita


    Average salaries of public school teachers in the U. S.are reported by the National Education
    Association and I have described the outline of it as 52 Average Salaries of Public School Teachers.
    In Japan, however, the Japan Teachers Union and the Ministry of Education, Science and
    Technolodgy don't report the teacher's salaries to the public. I will, at first, assume an average
    public school teacher in Japan using some official datas and then will esteem the salary and
    some other issues.

Average Year of Teaching Experience of Japanese Public School Teachers
   ○ Elementary school teachers .............. 19.7 years
   ○ Junior high school teachers ................17.7 years
   ( Source: The Ministry of Education, 2001Report)

供Average Age of Public School Teachers 42 years old
    Most public school teachers are employed at the age of 22 or 23. They are given a one-year
    probationary period and have to receive training, but at the end of their probationary period,
    most of them (more than 99.9 %) will become certificated teachers and will get tenures.

Table of Salaries of Japanese Public School Teachers
    In Japan, there is a Prefectural Civil Service Commission in any prefecture that is independent
    of the Gervonment and is impartial to the salaries of public employees, including public school
    teachers. It acts as the third impartial organization and researches the salaries of private businesses
    and schools, comparing that of public employees for a given year. If necessary, it will reccomend to
    the the Governor and the Prefectural Assembly to improve or reduce the salaries. Later, the
    Governor amends the new bill and the Assembly incorporate it into their regulation.

    Before the recommendation, the Commission has to consider the Table of the Salaries made by
    the National Personnel Authority, so, the teachers of the same age and years of teaching experience
    and their salaries are almost the same in any prefecture in Japan.

 Table of the Salaries of Public School Teachers for Elementary & Junior High School

Yen (a month)
 Yen (a month)
Yen(a month)
  1   −−     278,500    413,300
  2    156,500     292,500    422,400
  3    175,000     306,700    431,100
  4    184,200     320,900    439,800
  5    195,300     335,000    448,200
  6    202,500     348,600    456,200
  7    210,100     359,500    464,410
  8    217,900     369,500    471,500
  9    226,100     379,900    478,700
 10    237,600     389,000    485,600
 11    249,800     397,700    492,280
 12    262,000     406,100    500,100
 13    275,000     414,400    506,800
 14    288,200     422,200    512,100
 15    301,700     429,900    516,200
 16    315,700     437,300
 17    329,700     444,300
 18    342,700     451,000
 19    352,900     457,700
 20    362,900     463,800
 21    372,900     469,300
 22    381,400     474,100
 23    389,800     478,400
 24    397,600     482,200
 25    404,700     485,400
 26    411,200     488,400
 27    417,000
 28    422,400 Note: $1= \120
 29    427,400 Grade= Years of teaching experience
 30    432,300
 31    437,100
 32    441,300
 33    445,500
 34    449,700
 35    453,300
 36    455,900

(Note) 1. From 2003, the salaries will be just a little reduced.
     2. The Salary of Public Senior High School Teachers is a little higher than that of
      this Table.

Monthlty Salary and Bonus of an Average Teacher

   1. According to the Table above, an average teacher will have at least 20 years teaching
    experience and the Monthly salary is \362,900
   2. At present in Japan a public school teacher will get "Adjustment Allowance" that is like
    extra salary and is equivalent to Monthly Salary X 4 %, an average teacher will get \14,516
    a month.
    Therefore, the combined total is \ 377,416 a month. and \ 4528,992 per year.

   3. Bonus
    In Japan, a public school teacher will get a Bonus two times each year, in June and December,
    and the bonus amount is equivalent to Monthly salary X 4.7. Therefore, the total for this teacher
    (Note: From 2003, Bonus will be reduced to 4.65 monthly salary)

   4. Therefore, altogether, the average teacher will get \6302847 per year. except "Adjustment
    Allowance", .
    This is as same as the average salaries of public school teachers in Michigan and the State of
    New York which are ranked 3rd or 4th rank in the U. S.

 Financial System on Salaries of Public School Teachers
    In Japan, the Salaries of Public School Teachers are not paid by the local school board or the
    local government, but paid by the Prefectural Government. This system is ruled on the National
    Treasury Load Law, so,a local community, if poor, doesn't need to be anxious about the payment

    And the half of the payment are expended to the Prefectural Governmen by the National  
    Gervernment. The system also is ruled by the National Load Law, so a Prefectural Govenment, if
   not so rich, doesn't need to be anxious about the payment so much, as well.

    The Laws make it possible for the local communities, the school boards and the Prefectures to
    keep good teachers and maintain a good standard of public education all over Japan. It's a good
    system for educaton, but sometimes makes the teachers reluctant to work hard. Unfortunately in
    reality, the circumstances may be a little worse in the Japanese public school education.

此Others : Allowances
   ○ Regional Allowance ......... At presen None, except in remote areas
   ○ Supporting Family Allowance.....For unemployed-wife or husband, and children
   ○ Commuting Allowance
   ○ Head-teacher Allowance & Head-teacher of Instruction Allowance
   ○ some others    

 December 20, 2002 described