7. Quebec's Independent Problem

Japanese version, here
Shoji Sugita

I think it is a little difficult for Japanese to understand Quebec's independence problem. Recently I happened to meet two Canadians
in Nagoya. One of them came from Quebec, and was in favour of Quebec's separation from Canada, and the other came from New
Foundland and was in disagreement with Quebec's seperation.
So, I intended to study this problem by using internet web. At first, I compiled some documents from the web, and then summarized
these into Japanese.

I found that the basic, and the most important document, particulary for Japanese to understand this problem was " The draft bill on
Quebec sovereignty". So at first I will list the key points of this bill. And then I will add some documents to it, being summarized in
Japanese also. And at the conclusion, I will add some of my own comments on this problem.

Tabled by Premier
Jacques Parizeau, in the National Assembly of Quebec, on December 6, 1994
It will set forth the fundamental values and main objectives of the Quebec nation wishes to make its own once it has acquired the
exclusive power to make all laws, collect all its taxes and conclude its treaties.

 In June 1997, described